What are you running for Halloween?

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Happy Halloween!

I'm preparing a low-level one shot that'll revolve around a nightmare creature (or creatures) loose in an urban setting. The climax will probably occur in the Dimension of Dreams. I'm trying to think of a good "gimmick" where the PCs will discover that *something* is causing dream entities to manifest in the waking world (maybe a specific NPC, or a cursed room).

Curious to see what you all have planned!

As an aside, last year I ran Goodman Game's *excellent* module, "Sinister Sutures of the Sempstress", and the year before, their module "Bride of the Black Manse". Highly recommend both if you need something on short notice!

This weekend I will be starting Book 2 of Rise of the Runelords, by great coincidence it will ne perfect for the Halloween season.

Bummer to not see more responses here.

Grand Lodge

Maybe I run The Traitor's Lodge in Core. That could be fun.

A pity our Carrion Crown game is still on hold.

I have no idea yet. I rarely know what I'm going to run for a game until a week or slightly more. And it just depends on who can make it, as well. Everyone has something going on every weekend this month. So right now all I can do is draw a blank.

Bouncing a few ideas:

#8-06: Reaping What We Sow is a really short themed scenario, I think there is time to have a pumpkin carving contest in the middle of the scenario.

Feast of Ravenmoor is full of creepy.

Or We Be Goblins to play as the monsters, a Halloween tradition. Especially if I can figure out how to make a goblin costume.

7–01: Between the Lines could be really creepy if you pushed some of the themes.

Twigjack and other creatures I can bend into "haunted fauna"; I think my first GasBurst zombie encounters may pop up. I like using Eldritch things, so I may throw a Gibbering Mouther out soon (APL = 2ish) as a "run away from me" problem in a cramped area.

I've been stewing on a giant alligator (Salt Water Croc) encounter in a sewer, like resident evil 2.

I'm running a Dark Carnival.
At one time, many years ago, I ran a halfling oracle/gunslinger in a wild west setting campaign that was sort of a grandstander. He traveled the world looking for rarities and odd beasts and putting them on display in sort of a traveling curiosity shop/ Menagerie. (Magnum opus story feat and heavy ranks and skill points in perform: oratory)

For Halloween I am, forgive me pun, resurrecting him as a vampire. He owns his own demiplane plane now, and within it is his very own Twilight Carnival. I have many games, challenges, prizes, etc. While my Vampire will be Lawful Evil, his is bound under the old laws not to harm guests, besides, it would bad for business. (Intruders, however...) many of the carnies are going to be Halloween monsters, as will a couple of the challenges.

After my players have explored most of tvr fair, a sect of paladin zelots arrive to murder The vampire and anyone else who is in attendance.

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I'm not running - which is probably a relief for some of the local group, as I don't think my attempt at PFRPG worked too well.

I wouldn't mind crafting the "Dungeon of Paranoia", though, where nothing is quite what is seems - animated objects, mimics, Carytid Columns, mimics, taxidermy animals, mimics, etc...

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