Kevin (Probably) Saves the World


I will give pretty much anything quirky a hot, but fully expected to hate this show and drop it after the first episode.

Bizarre and stupid basic premise...check.


In every generation of Mankind, there are 36 righteous souls who protect Mankind simply by existing. But now (for reasons not even hinted at) there is only one left. And he has to find the other 35 and activate them by giving them a hug.


This has a number of problems for me. For one thing, it's all by stated that 36 messengers of God were dispatched at the same time, one to watch over and protect each righteous soul. But only one is being trained by his assigned messenger. This is a grossly inefficient system.

For another, "generation" has no meaning for Mankind as a whole. A generation for one family overlaps the generation for another. On a global scale, there must be a new generation starting every 10 minutes.

Perhaps most stupid (for me) is the idea that there are always exactly 36 of these Very Special People, who do nothing but exist. And no one else is allowed to be Very Special, only the Three Dozen Chosen.

Tiresome, overused trope...check.


I'm a ghost / angel / magical being and ONLY YOU can see or hear me.

But I found I did like the interplay between Kevin, his sister and her daughter. I'm going to stick it out for a bit to see if their character arcs actually go anywhere.

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