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Hello, I have two things about Order 4482933.

1) If I need to pay postage for the Starfinder CRB replacement, I'm going to have to request it at a different time when I have more money, so please do not put it with this shipment if I need to pay postage for it. I will re-request it another time.

2) I subbed Player Companion after the authorization was done. Will Blood of the Coven still make it into this month's shipment, or will it be held over to next month's?

Customer Service Representative

Hello Samy,

We don't charge you shipping for replacement items. Our system was calculating it into your order. I have adjusted that and also moved the subscription items from your sidecart into the order (they were going to wait until next month to ship). You will be receiving an updated email confirmation reflecting those changes (you will be receiving 2, in the first one I had only adjusted the shipping, the second one is the correct one and reflects the shipping adjustment as well as the 2 other items).

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Diego, you just made my day. You are beyond amazing. I could not be more happy with Paizo as a company right now.

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