"Cruising Flight" Explanation?

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The Jetpack uses 2 charges per round to utilize a 30ft fly speed, but it can maintain "cruising flight" for 1 charge per minute. (CRB 206)

Where in the book does it explain "Cruising Flight"?
What are the limitations, and how fast is it?

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Its defined in the same paragraph. 'Cruising Flight' renders you 'off-target' and 'flat footed'. Those conditions are describe on page 276.
In essence you take a -2 to AC, -2 to attacks, and can't make reactions while in cruise flight mode. I don't see any reason why your speed would change, so it would remain 30' per move action.

Thanks. That makes sense. I thought there was more to it due to my last encounter with "Cruising Speed" being in a different game where it granted a faster movement speed, with a restriction on turns.

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