Playable undead, what are the odds?

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Set wrote:
Tacticslion wrote:
(Also, plants have too many dang immunities, many of which don't make any sense.)

Yes to that. Immune to polymorph? Why??? What on earth was the rationale for plants to be immune to magical attempts to change their form? It's like 'rocks are immune to divination, for no darn reason at all' logic.

I tried scrying on a rock once in real life, and I couldn't do it. Therefore, the immunity would make perfect sense.

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Shinigami02 wrote:
Yakman wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
So their keeping it then eh? good. So Here is a thought. Will undead still get 10 points to build. if so Will undead PC's just all be more charismatic then your average person. Since no con score to build into they have a few more points to spare. Like you said solarions will be ideal for undead.

yeah, they aren't going to do that.

Eoxian undead as PCs will probably have no constitution, some special rules about that, and maybe +2 to wisdom. they'll have darkvision and a couple other benefits, but they aren't going to get a spare 10 points to spread around.

I'm not sure where you're getting 10 spare points to spread around? I'm pretty sure all Vidmaster was referring to is not needing to put any of your 10 points in Con since it doesn't exist?

I was talking about the 10 points you put into your stats at character creation Shini is spot on.

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I kind of think they won't get chr to stamina at all and get some other sort of hp bonus from something else.

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id like to point out since it would be a creature type playable race instead of the standerd races we have now it will be unbalanced any way. look at the haan it comes build in with flying as an example cant fit through small doors or haways is a large target in its own right but can take you on a one time trip with a balloon of explodable gas. its even been said the gm should weigh in on how it could tip the balance for good or bad. the point of extra playable races is for flavor and some buff here and negatives there. no need to have them on par with the standerd races per say.

I'd prefer if undead used constitution and if a PC undead race has a Con score due to asymmetrical design it wouldn't break my immersion but there isn't much of a power differential between one which does and one which does not.

The specific instance wherein a class would want both a good Con and Cha score and could double up on a stat would mean a power bump, but that's really the only instance. A typical melee Solarion would have an identical stat distribution at max level excepting the undead would have much higher pseudo-Con.

Especially if they were as suggested a +2 Int/-2 Cha race which would mean said Solarion would be in the hole in terms of one of his starting stats at character creation. Comparatively a human Solarion would have either higher Str, Dex or Cha at level 1 and on par in the other 2.

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