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Hey all,

I want to have a one-off Halloween adventure with my players set in Sandpoint. They liberated Pidget Tergleson from Habe's Sanitorium and brought him back to Sandpoint where he was "adopted" by an old widow who is able to keep him contained on the full moon.
I'm wondering if there are any good adventures with werecreatures that I could use for something like this?


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Not werecreatures, but PFS Scenario #8-06: Reaping What We Sow is very halloween-thematic and should be easy to adapt to any location in the Inner Sea area.

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Not werecreature-y, but I used a side trek called Night of the Straw Men, and adapted it to fit my needs while the party was going back and forth across the countryside.

It has a Holloween feel.

I made a funnel adventure for my players as a one-off to tell the story of the Chopper's last night. They hadn't really read the list of the Chopper's victims and didn't know all the people they played through the funnel were on the list. They were a mob that decided to 'solve the mystery' of the Chopper because the guard wasn't. They found a trail of blood from another victim(the Sheriff, who brought the Chopper to 0 hp) and followed it to Chopper's Isle, and that's where the funnel began. When they lost a few they thought they'd head back to town to heal, but found the cathedral on fire and everyone rushing to save it so no healing. It ended with them facing down the Chopper. I then ret-conned the list of victims to remove the five that survived. It ended up taking two sessions instead of one because of all the Chopper and Late Unpleasantness lore that got worked into it.

You might be able to rework it to have some were-creature goodness in it.

Edit: This also quelled their ongoing desire to explore Chopper's Isle and/or their conviction that Chopper's Isle would play a part in the adventure later.

Other ideas I've had that I could use some help on....

What if they find some dead body and they are lead to believe Pidget did it...but when they investigate, they realize he couldn't have done it. They do some investigating that leads them to the curio shop (I don't remember the name) and the shopkeeper tells them that he got some kind of cute creature recently and sold it to a kid in town. But gave him three rules he had to adhere by: 1. Don't get it wet. 2. No bright light and 3. NEVER feed him after midnight. (Yes, some kind of homage to Gremlins, maybe?)

Also, I recently offered up the sidequest that (I think) The Lorax posted on these message boards. Cyrdak got a copy of The King In Yellow. But, in my campaign, rather than entering into the portal to get Cyrdak back, the adventurers closed the portal, trapping Cyrdak forever.
Some kind of creepy Lovecraftian revenge would be REALLY awesome.

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This got me interested in hunting down the sidequest you mentioned. Sounds like it was this one.

That's the one.

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The very next section of the adventure is pretty Halloween-ey already!

Walking Scarecrows, with its ghouls-dressed-as-scarecrows, works pretty well as a Halloween adventure. My players happened to be going through this part last Halloween, and I added a few jack-o'-lanterns in a pumpkin patch outside the farmhouse for a little extra Halloween flavour.

Are you talking about that section of Chapter 2 of Rise of the Runelords?

Because my characters are way past that part.

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Aaron Gillespie wrote:

Are you talking about that section of Chapter 2 of Rise of the Runelords?

Because my characters are way past that part.

Yes, I was - because the last event you mentioned was them rescuing Pidget Tergelson from Habe's Sanitorium, and you didn't indicate any higher character levels, I assumed that's where they were.

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