Gamma World Campaign

4th Edition

I am getting ready to run a Gamma World Campaign for my group. It only problem is coming up is a good over arcing story. Real life doesn't allow my to spend to much time creating from scratch.

I was looking for ideas. I was going to use the Chaos Scar Adventures and re-skin, but still having trouble putting them together.

Any ideas out there.


Remake The "Barrier Peaks", with the downed spacecraft.
You can also redux "Keep On The Borderlands", or "Car Wars", a few generations after the "Fall of Man".
If you've ever read any of the Horse-clans novels, then you should be good for some of it. Roving Tribes of Telepaths and immortals.

Also, resembling a "Doctor Who" where the doctor and ace have to run up and down in an automated sky scraper, where the original builder was still alive, but as a cyborg. "Paradise Towers" was the episode. Just beef it up and add Mutants, automatic fire extinguishers (with Halon, lol), and better cannibals.

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