Magic roles in starship combat.

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In my home game our Mystic and our Technomancer just sit and stare out the window during starship combat.

I really really want Paizo to add something for magic players to do during a starship fight. Whether cloaking(10%, 20%, 50% miss chances?) or shutting down the enemy drift drive, or maybe duplicate illusion ships, etc.

I'm writing houserules for my players now but want something more formal if possible.

Anyone else have this issue?

The technomancer doesn't have engineering or computer skills?


While she does, her desire was to be far more 'mancer than techno'. And in a world that is otherwise a very solid melding of magic and technology the lack of magic in spaceship combat struck me as odd.

In her case the party size is working against her, and the second operator and engineer(mechanic) have those skills on lock.

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I'd like see life/physical sciences usable by the Science officer for some/alternate actions.

As it is, there isn't much non-skill that people can do in space combat. Even attack rolls can be a skill.


For my players we're using Mysticism as the skill that magic users would use in space combat. I didn't want to get away from that mechanic just wanted to add something non-technology based.

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The only roles that can only have one person, are the Pilot and Captain Cheerleader.

You can have multiple Engineers. One can work on restoring shields, others can repair damaged systems.

You can have multiple Science Officers. One can transfer shield points to the arc closest to the enemy, while others continue gathering additional info or target enemy systems.

You can have multiple Gunners (only limited to one per weapon system). Just put max ranks in Pilot skill to replace the lower BAB. Even casters can benefit from higher Dexterity scores.

They are only twiddling their thumbs if they chose to.

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Call the shields magic and let them do a mystic check (equivalent to the engineering) to "restore" them. If this is a home game just reflavor stuff, so they feel usefull. Exo ships are a combination of magic and technology. So much so that to get information from a computer in into the unknown you can use a mystic or computer check to get it

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