Best Adventure Path to run for a New GM


As the title suggests, one of our gaming group members is contemplating taking on GM duties for the first time ever. Several of us have suggested that an AP may be just the prescription for his fever.

Our group finished Shackled City and I am currently running Kingmaker, so those two are out of the running.

I know there are other threads out there on this topic, but some of them were created before the publication of many newer APs.

First and foremost the AP should be fun for the players. Of secondary concern is an AP that is fairly easy to run, without too many complex mini-games, alternate rules, or complex encounters to make it really difficult for a novice GM.

Any suggestions are much-appreciated and will be shared with our prospective GM. Thanks in advance for your suggestions and reasoning.

RotRL is probably a good choice because the source material for the AP is pretty much as small as it gets. It is even more simple to run for a beginner GM if he/she chooses to make it a "Core" Pathfinder game, reducing the number of classes, class abilities, spells, Feats, etc. that he/she needs to understand.

I'll second Rise of the Runelords, Anniversary Edition if possible (since the original contains a lot of outdated D&D 3.X material from what I was told).

I'd also suggest Core Only for the players as well, as from what I can understand, most everything in the Adventure Path is Core Only (well, Beastiarys 1 and 2), and it'd reduce the GM's homework down a lot more if he doesn't have to audit X's character from Y splatbook. If players complain about lack of options from Core Only, allowing Advanced Player's Guide is probably about all that he should stem from, since that gives plenty of options to choose from as well for both the new classes and the Core options.

Core and players guide would be what I would reccomend. The AP of ROTL uses both a good amount

What would the players consider fun and the DM consider fun, since that's a primary consideration? What type of game do you all like to play? Beer and Pretzels kick down the door for the next combat? Intrigue? Exploration? Cartoonish?

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The first thing i ever GM'd was Giantslayer (well, that and a remake of Tomb of Horrors). The stories are all complex enough it probably doesn't matter, particularly since you already know the rules.

From the sound of it, the players are experienced. Rise of the Runelords sounds fine.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

Yes, we do have a very experienced crew of players, with at least three of us having played for around forty years.

Luckily for our newer GM, everyone is very supportive in general and we all help out by looking up rule issues and so forth to keep games moving.

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Mummy's Mask is pretty good for a beginner gm.

Good gaming whatever your choice.

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