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so I don't think there is any rules listing this, but if I strip a battery from a bady's gun, how many charges does it have? I mean it's obviously charged somewhat, but how much? This isn't too big a problem on a 1 or 2 battery level, but If I pull the batteries from 15 dead goblins guns how do I manage the 15 different batteries' charge levels?

it depends on the DM and how many shots were fired honestly

personally, I'd let it be full charge for convenience sake

if you have a technomancer in the party, you could attempt to pool the charges together, but if the gm doesn't let you know how many charges you have, you'll have to be careful. else, could stuff them in a deep corner of your bag and don't even touch them until you run out of full charge batteries.

To make like easy I would house rule (if the GM does not track each power cell and give you the numbers) that they are in increments of 25%.
ie depending on the weapon after a few rounds it is at 75%, 50%, 25% or 0% depending on consumption by weapon and what the GM determined their starting charge was. So the GM just keeps a general round to round idea of what is going on.
ie there may be many times that the weapons do not start at full charge do to being away from charging stations, broken/old batteries that do not hold full charge (not in rules but common in RL) or broken with weapon.

As a side note: If I was GMing I think that I would have some simple number listed after each weapon on how many rounds the weapon could be effective/used in combat so I did not have to track each weapon/creatures equipment on their own. That way at the end of CBT and during combat I could just look at the time rounds or attack rounds (rounds in which the creature attacked or the enemies side attacked) and see if they need to change power cells and or what the power cells charge are at the end.


All batteries for weapons are in multiples of 10 or 20 right? Roll a die and multiply.

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EC Gamer Guy wrote:
All batteries for weapons are in multiples of 10 or 20 right? Roll a die and multiply.

This is actually a great way to handle this.

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