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so, as base with no upgrades, most computers can run for 24 hours off internal batteries.
i can't seem to find the following information though.

~maximum capacity
~method of charging
~cost of charging (if not by holding a battery to it)
~whether or not you can charge it with a battery

i want to know this in case my party ends up stranded somewhere with no access to a charging station for an extended period, but needs a computer. unless that doesn't happen in SF.

yes, i know about self charging, same questions apply for being stranded for over 8 days :P

I can't find answers to any of your questions. GM is going to have to wing it until Paizo decides to take the time to make Starfinder a quality product instead of a rushed-out one.

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Yes, because how dare they not have every single possible rule element 100% covered in their first book. *rollseyes*

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