What is the purchase limit for computers?

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You can buy most items of a level of your level + 1. However, computers have tiers, not levels. So how good of a computer can I buy?


I presume that a computer's level is equal to it's tier.

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Nohwear wrote:
I presume that a computer's level is equal to it's tier.

This would be a reasonable assumption but the crafting rules suggest otherwise; you need skill ranks equal to the level of the relevant item in the associated skill in order to craft it. For computers, however, you need double the computer's tier in skill ranks:

Starfinder CRB page 235 wrote:

For computers, you can use either Computers or Engineering, and you can construct a computer with a tier

equal to half your ranks in the skill.

This I feel provides enough evidence that we can infer that computer tier doesn't equal item level. Which means computers don't have item levels. So who knows what the answer is.

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I've been using this blog post from the devs which says that it's twice its tier (emphasis mine):

Computers themselves are defined in their own section in the equipment chapter. In general, a computer has an item level equal to double its tier. A tier 1 computer might be something as simple as a common datapad, while a tier 10 computer may be running an entire space station or handling major systems for a large company. Beyond its tier, a computer is defined by its size, user interface, access and authorization, basic function, modules (which define what the computer can do or control beyond its basic functions, and may include controlling other devices or computers), and countermeasures.

I don't see that in the CRB though, sadly. Between the quoted, and the needing ranks equal to twice the tier, I believe we've narrowed the intent.

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If that's the case, then that means the levels you can buy a computer are:

T1 = Level 1
T2 = Level 3
T3 = Level 5
T4 = Level 7
T5 = Level 9
T6 = Level 11
T7 = Level 13
T8 = Level 15
T9 = Level 17
T10 = Level 19

Though it seems a bit harsh as even a 1st level character should be able to afford at least a Tier 2 computer.

Rats. I already bought a tier 3 for my mechanic, which I'm not supposed to get until 5th level if the quoted text applies. It's weird they left this out of the CRB. Maybe it was intentional they left it out? Every time there's rules related to item level, they make an exception for computers and use tiers instead.

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