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we are about to launch our first Starfinder session and there are first details in which we have at least 2 opinions, if we are lucky.

Most current is Solarian mote/armor/weapon emanating energy.
When it comes to light, it is clear that the mote emanates dim light(red, white, yellow, blue...) in certain area, but what about the black hole? Does it emanate darkness? And I do not mean just some dim fog around pitch black material of the mote/armor/weapon. Does it providing cover, concealment, is it changing visibility etc.?

I hope to hear your opinions soon, like, before fridays session soon.

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There's actually a separate Rules Questions Forum for Pathfinder and Starfinder, now.

I'll go ahead and flag your post for the Starfinder Forum. More people would probably be able to answer your question over there.

A mote either "glows brightly" or is "perfect darkness." A glowing mote, i.e. one that "glows brightly", sheds dim light in a 20-ft radius. A mote that doesn't glow doesn't shed any light.
There's nothing in the rules to suggests a parity between glowing motes and darkness motes: glowing motes shed light, darkness motes do nothing.
Either can be shut off (so there's no longer a visible floating mote hovering near the Solarian) as a standard action.

Also, there's a forum specifically for Starfinder, so this should probably be there.

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I'm pretty sure the wording in the book is something along the lines of "regardless of which for the mote takes, it sheds a dim light in a 20 foot radius." I don't have my book with me at the moment, so the exact wording might be off a bit, but to me that seems pretty clear that even if its the black hole version it still sheds light. You could probably flavor this as something along the lines of its pulling in all the light in its immediate vicinity.

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Only applies to glowing manifestations. Darkness manifestations do not shed light.

Starfinder Core Rulebook page 101 wrote:
A glowing solar manifestation, regardless of its form, sheds dim light in a 20-foot radius.

The text suggests that there's some darkness effect that was in play once upon a time, but it's not there now.

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Looks like you're right, I just looked it up on the SRD. It looks like a line was removed that would definitely make things less confusing. It did seem weird that an orb of perfect darkness would shed dim light. For some reason I was reading it as both the light and dark motes were glowing. I think what I thought it was was " your solar manifestation either glows with one color common to the stars or with the perfect darkness of a black hole." which would have been completely different than what it says. Thanks for correcting me on that.

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We are all learning together. :)

Also, that paragraph stuck out in my memory. Like I said, it reads like there was once another sentence in there giving black hole motes a darkness effect that got edited out later. Finding the possible editorial trail, right or wrong, is interesting.

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but black holes do emit light.. en-detected-for-the-first-time

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