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The Thermal Capacitor armor upgrade says that you can exist comfortably and do not need to make saving throws between -50 F and 170 F;

The Temperature Section under Armor says that the environmental protection that all armor has protects the wearer from temperatures colder than -20 F and hotter than 140 F, and do not need to make saving throws for environmental temperature hazards.

It would seem that portion of the Thermal Capacitor is unnecessary.

Similarly, there is the line in Breathing and Pressure under Armor about corrosive environments potentially damaging armor, with acid-resistant armor upgrades reducing that damage, and the filtered re-breather upgrade which gives Acid Resistance 5; however, the rules on objects say that held or attended objects are not affected unless specifically called out, and the corrosive atmosphere section of the rule book just says damage is dealt to creatures and objects, not attended objects.

I am confused as to whether these are mechanical rules elements, or flavor text written into the descriptions. Does anyone else have examples of other flavor-bits, or clarification on these two?

If the acid example IS rules text, does that mean I need to worry about my weapon catching fire while holstered/held because *I* have fire resistance 15 but the weapon doesn't?

I would assume (which is always a problem) that from the general way the rules are written that you do not. But I do know of games written and houseruled that you need the same type of protecting on all equipment or you risk damage.
There is also sort of a assumed rule (again a problem and should be written out) in some games that armor protections protect you gear but if you weapon has acid protection it does not help your armor or other equipment.

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Yeah, I vaguely recall reading those sections and thinking something was wrong.

The whole thing would be fixed the temperature range on the armor was changed to be worded as:



Armor’s environmental protections reasonably protect you against both cold (temperatures above –20° F) and heat (air temperatures under 140° F). This prevents you from having to attempt Fortitude saving throws to avoid damage from the environment, and it prevents you from taking any damage listed for breathing in the environment. This does not protect against cold or fire damage from other sources or against environments that deal damage without allowing a Fortitude saving throw or breathing the atmosphere (such as lava).

Which I think was the intention.

As the section is written now, it protects you from all temperatures not between -20F and 140F.

So it protects you from absolute 0.

And from the hot temperature of the sun (though not the fire damage)...lets go with a less extreme exampe... a 300F desert poses no problem to you.

But at 135F you still suffer from extreme heat and have to make the appropriate saves.

So it seems like whoever wrote the section just got stuff backwards.

The thermal capacitor upgrade doesn't require your environmental protections to be active. This means that if say an Android has it, they could stay in space indefinitely without a suit. Environmental protections has a limit to how long it lasts, the upgrade doesn't.

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