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0-hr.com: Starship deckplans, posters, & miniatures!

I have deckplan posters, starship miniatures, and a whole bunch of downloadable PDFs about starships. I am creating Starfinder stats for the armada and so made up my own deluxe Starfinder Starship Sheet.

It is a form-fillable PDF with drop down menus for common systems and a black and white layer for easy printing.

Visit the 0-hr Starfinder Page to grab a blank copy of the layered PDF or a flat image of the sheet. You can also get the Starfinder stats for my first ship - more will follow!

~Ryan Wolfe

Liberty's Edge

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Nice Firefly homage =)

I love this. I thought about converting some of the ships myself, but I'll wait to get the official stats.

Is there a way you can make it auto calculate and add a ship picture for the blank sheets?

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