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I will soon be doing my first few games GMing for Organised Play (Starfinder Society specifically) and have a question regarding how to properly rewards quests.

Lets pretend this is the rewards for a 5 stage quest:

1- 100 credits, 1xp, 1 fame
2- 200 credits, 1xp, 1 fame
3- 300 credits, 1xp, 1 fame, 1st boon
4- 400 credits, 1xp, 2 fame
5- 500 credits, 1xp, 2 fame, 2nd boon

If my players complete all 5 stages, which would they receive?

A) 500 credits, 1xp, 2 fame, 2nd boon
B) 500 credits, 1xp, 2 fame, 1st & 2nd boons
C) 1500 cedits, 5xp, 7 fame, 1st & 2nd boons

Grand Lodge 4/5


Also, check the scenario text for conditions they have to meet to receive the 1st and 2nd boon, as they are not necessarily for completing the listed number of quests.

Liberty's Edge 4/5 5/55/5


You follow the line of how many 'chapters' they have completed for their rewards (what is on that line, not cumulative), except for the Boons, which are cumulative.

Your players can replay the Quest, doing the Chapters they did not do before (to complete all 5, if you did not have time to run all the 1st time). But with the same character, and that character must not play another game in between.

As DM, you can check whatever chapters you want on the sheet (so you can run Chapter 1 to 3 in two different games, and check 1-5 on your sheet).

Have fun!

Fantastic, that was the option I was leaning towards as A seemed like it would be a let-down without a chance to get both boons (which made no sense) and C looked far to generous.

I appreciate the assistance.

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