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I've recently seen a couple of GMs have threads like this and it seems like a really great idea, so I'll use this thread to post about things non-specific to particular games.

To start things off, we are missing two people at work at the moment. Pulled 19 hours yesterday, and will pulling 16s till Friday.

Generally will still be posting (since I get 5 minutes here and there to check up on things), but I tend to forget about threads that don't pop up with new posts when I'm busy, so feel free to give me the occasional poke if you feel forgotten.

Those are some crazy hours, man. Don't let them get you down!

The new trainee should take over next week, which will help a lot, but we may or may not be losing soneone else. Depending on that outcome, my hours should return to normal.

Update to Wounded Wisp.
Digitize Zizi.

Dot ;-)

Okay, a trainee actually completed training, and the second shift guard is back from being sick, so I actually get my first day off in around three months, yea!

Also means I'll be more rested and better able to focus, so my posting should stablize now.

The last couple of days have been crazy. I've been awake over 24 hours at this point. I'm not so intensely busy but still at work. I can't see straight, so J'll update tommorrow.

Be careful to not overdo it! Get some rest before updates!

DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Be careful to not overdo it! Get some rest before updates!


Well, I'm finally able to check in. The website issues came at a terrible time, and I hadn't been to check in to warn anyone that I got somebody to train at work, which meant that my chances to try logging in would be scarce. Training continues so I won't have time tonight, but I'll be back sat.

However, my focus list is all messed up. So it may take me awhile to find everything I need to update. If I miss someone let me know.

I'm sorry to report that Hmm declared the pfs game I was running as abandoned. Not sure if it was just from it floundering, or if I didn't come back fast enough, or what. The game was floundering though, and I'm not entirely sure why. If those players want to continue unofficially, then let me know.

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Hey Alicorn!

Real life hits us all. We set an abandoned game policy to give us a marker for when games can seek replacement GMs, so that the players can finish their adventures. The time limit is one week, unless the game was set on hiatus with a specific return date.

If you find that you want to start again as a GM, go ahead and start another game, with the same players or not.


I'll continue if they want me to, but I don't think I'll start another. It felt like the players and I had contradicting expectations, and text has never been a good medium for me anyway.

I'll probably try again if I ever get the chance to run one live though.

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