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I would like to see paizo put up a looking for players page by state and area. My group and I live in Savannah Ga and would really like to find one good player to join us. Finding a player for a specific game can be exhausting. But if you could just look in the forums then perhaps players can find games..just a thought..

Have you tried Warhorn?

Also, there's a Gamer Connection forum here on the Paizo boards

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You can also try going to a pathfinder society event and seeing if anyone matches up with your play style and see if they would like to join your home game.

Marysville, WA - Looking for Player - Pathfinder/D&D - Saturday's 12p-8p
https://www.reddit.com/r/lfg/comments/hn9eko/offlinemarysville_wapf1epdt_sa t_12p8p/

Pathfinder (1e) game at a home in Marysville, WA, every Saturday 12p-8p.

Existing group is 1 GM + 5 players (5 male, 1 female), age range is 29-45. Male or Female players, both welcome, prefer 21+.

Fun group, respectful, entertaining, moderate levels of RP (not required), all members are quite knowledgeable and glad to assist (new or beginner players are welcome). No materials necessary - we have a printed character sheet and have links to online content you can use if you need them.

gowen7thcav wrote:
I would like to see paizo put up a looking for players page by state and area.

EN World used to have exactly that. I just went to search for it, and it appears their "Gamers Seeking Gamers" tool is gone. I wonder what happened to it.

But both Paizo and EN World (and I assume other game sites) have forums for that specific purpose.

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