Reading the Mystic Connections what does it mean when spells are "Replaced"?

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Under the Spells section of the Connections Healer and Mindbreaker seem to "Replace" spells but there is no context for what exactly that means. The spells that are being replaced are already on the Mystic spell list. For example, the Healer connection says

Spells: 1st - 6th mystic cure; replaced by 1st- lesser remove condition, 2nd-remove condition. 3rd-remove affliction, 4th- restorotion, 5th-greater remove condition

which makes no sense since those spells are already mystic spells at the given levels and from what I can tell can be taken normally.

Connection Spell (1st Level) wrote:

Your connection grants you additional spells known, one for each level of mystic spell you can cast, starting at 1st level and at any level when you normally gain access to a new spell level. These spells are in addition to the spells known listed on Table 4–6: Mystic Spells Known. These spells can’t be exchanged for different spells at higher levels (except in specific cases; see below). The spell level of each spell is listed in your connection’s entry.

If your connection lists a single variable-level spell (see page 330) for all spell levels at the start of its spells entry, you gain that variable-level spell when you first get your connection spell for each level. The next time you gain a connection spell, add the next higher level of the variable-level spell to your list of spells known. You immediately lose the lower-level version of that variable-level spell and replace it with the listed connection spell for that lower level.

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Some spells can be undercast* - knowing the higher-level version lets you cast all the associated lower-level versions using lower-level spell slots. A variable-level spell just takes up one spells-known slot, so whenever you learn a higher version of a spell you already know, it frees up the lower level slot to hold some other spell.

*Undercast is the Pathfinder word for it.

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