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Yesterday evening I GMed my first SFS game and a few questions came up. One I could not answer was about the mechanic repairing his drone. While researching after the game I found this:

Mechanic Trick page 72 wrote:

Repair Drone (Ex)

When you spend 10 minutes to repair your drone, you repair
25% of its maximum Hit Points instead of 10%. You must have
a drone to learn this trick.

Which implies that there is something written about drone repair, but I can not find those rules anywhere. Can someone help me figuring out exactly how a mechanic can repair his drone, whether there are checks involved etcetera? Thanks!

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Answered in FAQ.


I have no clue how accurate it is.. but so far most people read the "additionally" as meaning it is unrealted to the once a day heal.

So once a day no Resolve point cost healing.

but every time you heal your own using a resolve, you can also heal the drone extra.

Personally. I also read it that way.. but no clue how that'll work for SFS but in general I think it would be meant to heal with the stamina as often as you pay

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Repair drone use UPBs ?

No, it's free.

go the answer in the faq but i am trying to figure out where in the book it is, im sure ive read it in there before.

I thought so too, but then played a mechanic and saw it was not there. That is why it was faq

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