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I received an email saying there wasn't a payment method available for this order.

1. I have confirmed that I have a payment method present on my account ... which was there when you sent the email.

2. This order isn't listed on my account page.

3. 3 items in this order are free and should, at least, been resolved regardless of this transaction.

Please correct and finish this order.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Abeirzen,

You have a payment method on your account but there was not one attached to your subscriptions. I have attached the payment method on your account to the subscriptions and to the order and submitted the order. You should be able to see the PDFs on your My Downloads page now.

Even if some items are free they will not be submitted if the rest of the order cannot be submitted. Our system won't submit some items but not others. Because the order was not submitted it did not appear on your order history page.

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