Nixie's Lure

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Silver Crusade

It's one of those spells where you gotta wonder why isn't it talked about more?

Probably because it's rarely available to non-undines.

Race-restricted spells make me sad.

Greetings Atalius the necro here once again. Hope everyone's doing well. Does this spell also affect allies? Sounds like it.

Target all creatures within a 300-ft.-radius burst centered on you

Ohh blahpers where art thou

Nixie's Lure
Psychics at 6th cast it as a 3rd level spell.
All others cast it as a 3rd or 5th level spell at 7th level.
Capped at 24HD worth of creatures.
Does this target 24HD worth of creatures, or does it target until 24HD have failed? I think the former.
Does it target nearest first or farthest first?
Does it target weakest first or most powerful first?
Does not say it doesn't affect you. If you fail the save for yourself, you can no longer concentrate on the spell to keep it going.
RAI, I think you don't target yourself.
Doesn't say it doesn't affect allies.
I would suggest getting Selective Spell, except that only affects instant spells.
I also think this is best used vs. mooks while your party is far away.
It can also be used to gather scattered creatures.


A poorly worded spell indeed

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Atalius wrote:
Ohh blahpers where art thou

I'm awake! I'm awake!

...ahaha. Ahahaha. The spell even affects the caster? Ahahahahahaha!

...Yeah, that probably wasn't intended. Shame it isn't a cone or something.

The Exchange

It doesn't effect the caster. It is a burst centered from the caster (pick a corner to center the spell but emanates from the caster).

It will hit allies. Use selective spell.

AFAIK, unless otherwise noted (such as in the description for channel energy), bursts do affect the caster, as they're a creature in the area of effect. Though I'm open to citation stating otherwise.

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