[PFS] PbP Teamwork Table Needs Players for L3 Module and Beyond


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Party People,

Our teamwork experiment recruited enough people to build two tables, but we've had some attrition.

The Teamwork Experiment was built to try tackling the most difficult scenarios and modules with characters built around teamwork feats.

The table linked above is AoO & flank oriented, with the following PCs:
1) Battle Scion Skald (Combat Reflexes)
2) Hunter w/ T-Rex (Reach Weapon, Pack Flanking)
3) Holy Tactician Paladin (Reach Weapon, Combat Reflexes, Grants Paired Opportunists w/in 30')

Next level we'll also be able to share Outflank as well. AoOs grant allies AoOs, some crits grant AoOs, which also grant AoOs.

I'm not the GM, but I'm trying to recruit a player or two. I'll post this thread in our PbP discussion thread, so our GM can weigh in.

Stay Awesome!

GM here. One or two or more people willing to play these games would definitely help out, and would increase flexibility and party interactivity greatly. If anyone has any questions let me know and I'll do what I can to answer.

What module are you looking to play next?

I might have a character or 2 available and appropriate but have played a large majority of PFS material.

where is the original recruitment thread so we know the character creation basics?

Just PFS standard, no requirements or anything, but we are trying to see how teamwork feats work out, so those are preferable. Dissa above has the feats the team already has above. Right now we're going to be heading into Risen From The Sands.

Have already played that unfortunately.

Best of luck on your quest though.

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I'm interested, but I don't know that I have a character of *exactly* level 3 that *also* does something interesting with teamwork feats. I have level 3 characters that would work great with that party, and I have teamwork feat characters that aren't level 3. Would either work ?

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I'm sure either would be fine. The module is 2-4, and my character just got his first teamwork feat at L3.

Also, with a Holy Tactician and a Battle Scion in the group, those two can dispense "teamwork". Any character an instantly be incorporated.

Good luck!

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So in the link there's no recruitment thread - what's the next step? At level 4 I have an undine flowing monk / cleric of Wadjet pacifist / disabler - via flowing monk and feats does various things like trip, grapple, sicken, and make flat footed but never does lethal damage except to undead and the like.

Just pop into the discussion thread, introduce yourself and we'll get on our way.

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