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If I grab the professional's tools, do they provide a bonus to my Profession skill check during Downtime after adventures? Or are they counted as a temporary bonus and as such don't provide a bonus?

Same question for Professional Clothing's +1 circumstance bonus

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I don't have the Core Rule Book yet, but just trying to think through the MW Tool question. How much does the tool cost to acquire? Looking at the Day Job section of the Guide you make the roll and get X2 in Credits. So it sounds like the MW Tool would be getting you a flat 4 credits per roll (I am assuming the tool gives +2 bonus). Am I understanding that right?

Andy Brown wrote:
Same question for Professional Clothing's +1 circumstance bonus

Nice catch, didn't even notice that.

For reference, the page containing the info on Professional Clothing is p.230.

A general tool kit costs 20 credits (p.219). There's an engineering specialty version that costs 445 credits. The question may be relevant to it, but I don't know.
Under the description for the tool kit (p.221) it lists the different types (excluding the engineering specialty version which is described below it). One type is "professional's tools" which is parenthetically described as "provides a +4 bonus to Profession checks for one profession). My confusion stems from the following line in the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide:

SFSRPG Guide (p.45) wrote:
Permanent bonuses from class, equipment, feats, race, and theme apply to your Day Job check as they would any check for the relevant skill. Temporary bonuses do not apply to Day Job checks, no matter the source.

The first sentence does mention that permanent bonuses from equipment apply, but I don't know if the Professional's Tools or Clothing count as permanent bonuses.

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They're equipment. They're not expendable or duration-based. They apply IMO.

That's what I figure and hope for. I was just hoping for an official ruling of some sort.

It would take a pretty perverse reading for them not to apply. They are equipment with no limit of use.

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Unless there is a change from PFS, equipment that provides a permanent bonus applies to Downtime rolls. If the equipment is limited use, it doesn't.

In PFS there are ways to acquire a shop that provides a bonus on their version of Downtime rolls, and you got the bonus even if the adventure wasn't in set in the city where you owned the shop. Things that happen in downtime generally happen when and where you need them to.

Okay, that answers my question better. I haven't done PFS, so I didn't know how it was handled there. Makes sense there's an equivalent there.

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