Gameday 6 SFS 1-02 Fugitive On The Red Planet (Session 2)


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Starting October 6! Let's go to Akiton!


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Welcome to the Starfinder Society scenario 1-02 - Fugitive on the Red Planet, part of PBP Gameday VI.

I first want to get some house rules out of the way so we have a common understanding. I assume you will have read this.

Please take notice of the following:

  • I expect everyone to be supportive of each other, we are exploring a new ruleset and I expect that we will make mistakes. They won't be an issue, as long as we keep the communication open.
  • For combat, I will roll initiative for everyone, and will handle your actions in initiative order. When two or more party members have their turns without an enemy acting between them, they can all declare actions, and I'll do my best to rearrange their turn order so you can benefit from buffs, etc.
  • I expect you to use the appropriate lines (Race, Classes / Levels and Gender) to give me vital information (AC, Saves etc) about your character. You can take a look at my characters for an example.
  • I will attempt to post at least twice a day during weekdays and at least once during the weekend. When I do not post: I have not forgotten about you, life/work has thrown a wrench in my gaming schedule. (I may be unable to connect to the forums between Oct 12-Oct 15)
  • For decision making purposes: when two characters agree on a course of action we will go with their decision.
  • And most important: this is our game and I expect us all to have fun while playing! If something causes you not to have fun: please address it (either here or in a PM) and I will do my best to get you back to having fun again.

Once the information is available, fill in the things down below:

    Chronicle: What chronicle number this is for the character.
    History: What scenarios has the character completed? (or been credited with); any other chronicles (special boons etc).
    Name: (The player's) Real name (or however you want it to appear on your chronicle sheets).
    AKA: Character name.
    Faction: The faction you are slotting for this scenario.
    SFS: # for the character.
    XP: starting XP.
    Fame: Starting fame.
    Reputation: Starting reputation.
    Starting Credits: The wealth you bring into the adventure. This should be the total on your previous chronicle and the total before you make other purchases.
    Dayjob: Skill used + the roll.

And one last question, do you want to start with 4 players? (I'm still awaiting the response of one player from the sign-up sheet, the other one won't join us) Or, tomorrow I can try recruiting one or two more players.


Profile updated, will post the above info soon. Thanks again!


Where do we fill in that data? This thread, or in the description of our character profile?

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Please use this thread to fill the data for the Chronicle Sheets.

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Chronicle: 2
History: Into the Unknown parts 1, 2, 3
Name: Jason Lillis
AKA: Renyaale
Faction: None (still earning reputation)
SFS: 8574-702
XP: 1
Fame: 1
Reputation: 1
Starting Credits: 100
Dayjob: None

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Renyaale wrote:
(still earning reputation)

Per the guide, your first Champion boon is free, you can choose one before the 2 Fame.

If you played the Quest online, you may need to contact your GM to update your sheet, (or HMM if PbP, Ironhelixx for any other online game).

Are you sure you want to use this character for this game, you'll lock yourself out of the rest of the Quest.

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Got it - Acquisitives Champion it is! I'll get the sheet updated.

To be honest, I'm here to play the stories, not worry about maximizing every scenario, but I can definitely bow out for now and try finding a game of it later. Was just hoping to play it before I GM'ed it, if possible, but that seems unlikely with the few number of games coming in lately. Advice?

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To be honest, if you don't feel the need to 100% the Quests, you can move on the next scenario, after all the Quests are replayable, so you'll get through the rest of them at some point =)

My advice is to play whatever gets you your share of fun =) (I just wanted to let you know that you couldn't complete rest of the Quests in this character, not trying to push you for completion or force you to play on my game (I'm the kind of person that puts every single card on the table))

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Thanks! I'll mull it over, but plan on me playing at the table for now. I'll let you know by Saturday if that changes.


Chronicle: 4
History: Into The Unknown (1-5), The Commencement, Cries From the Drift
Name: Zoomba
AKA: 0-Rion P4X
Faction: Wayfinders
SFS: 127063-701
XP: 3
Fame: 6
Reputation: 6 Wayfinders, 1 Exo-Guardians
Starting Credits: 2,029
Dayjob: None

Chronicle: 1
History: None
Name: Kiesman
AKA: Jaka
Faction: ExoGuardians
SFS: 260456-701
XP: 0
Fame: 0
Reputation: 0
Starting Credits: 47 cr
Dayjob: Profession (Mercenary) Dayjob: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (11) + 12 = 23

Character Sheet


If you have room for another, I would be happy to join

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