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Bloatmage is legal for PFS play, however its capstone ability allows it to use the BrewPotion feat to turn blood into effusions to power its capstone.

While I believe BrewPotion is legal for alchemists, I don't believe any such dispensation is available for bloatmages.

Nor does it seem as if you can purchase blood.

What am I missing?
And perhaps if nothing could you mark for FAQ or update? Thanks

The Exchange 4/5

drinking the blood normally requires a full minute, but bloatmages with the Brew Potion feat can distill the blood into a potion-sized draught that can be stored and consumed as a standard action.
ability can still be used without the feat and like you said we cant get the feat, we would loose that part. not a huge thing i think.
would think this is one of those find it in scenario thing.

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