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Hello! Since this is my first subscription (signed up this morning), I just wanted to check to see if I need to manually purchase the first three scenarios for Starfinder Society, or if I just wait for my account to be charged for them? Thanks! I know today is pretty crazy for y'all, so no rush. I've got the quest to keep me occupied for now. :)

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You'll want to wait - see the Starfinder superscribers thread


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Hello GM 8574,

Thanks for letting us know! I've taken a look into your account and pushed your oder through manually. You should be receiving a confirmation email in just a moment, and you should see the PDFs on your account already.

Just let me know if there are any further questions or concerns that you may have in the meantime, and I will be happy to help out.


Now that the toddler is in bed, I checked and can see them in my downloads now - thank you! :D #happydance

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