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Sovereign Court

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Konnichiwa traveler.

Rosuto-Shima, a place torn between honoring the old traditions and embracing the new, onrushing age of steam.

Take up your katana and enter the world of Steampunk Musha, an East Asian inspired Steampunk setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

The release of the first book, Steampunk Musha - Explorer's Guide to Rosuto-Shima, is drawing nearer. If you haven't heard about the world we're creating yet, you can find out more here:

Steampunk Musha Official Blog
Steampunk Musha Facebook Page
Steampunk Musha on Google Plus
Fat Goblin Games on Twitter

Our bi-weekly dev blog has plenty of spoilers and some tantalizing flash fiction.

I'll be posting updates here, so watch this space!

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Endzeitgeist wrote:

Always love to see Endz excited!

And as the former writer doing the "design blog" for Steampunk Musha, I will fully admit -- Rodney's are superior to mine. His short story, for instance, is lovely.

So please go check these out and when the book drops shortly (we keep putting other things in The Fattest Goblin's lap that are ASAP -- like our Starfinder books!) I hope you'll check out the Explorer's Guide!

Don't forget Shadows over Vathak] either, our sister setting already in publication on DriveThruRPG & on Paizo, and on the shared world of Antikthon!

Sovereign Court

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Lucus Palosaari wrote:
Don't forget Shadows over Vathak either, our sister setting already in publication on DriveThruRPG & on Paizo, and on the shared world of Antikthon!

We actually put out a basic primer on playing Vathak races in Steampunk Musha: here, here, and here.

And thanks Endz, you made my day :-)

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I was and am a huge supporter of Steampunk Musha and I'm glad products will see the light of day! ^^

Silver Crusade

Episode 16 - Even more reason not to trust cats.

Besides the new fiction, this post is mostly a reposting of the links I shared above.

Silver Crusade

Things take a turn for the worse in Shattered Vows. I suspect that darn cat is behind this.

We also kick off a new series where I'll be helping you build your first adventure and the seeds of a full campaign for Steampunk Musha.

Don't miss out.

Episode 17 - That darn cat!

Silver Crusade

Continuing with our series, this week we add more detail to your campaign.

You'll also find a Shangti city stat block to help you prep for encounters in Rosuto-Shima's largest metropolis.

Episode 18 - Scheming lawyers and crooked judges.

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This week the bi-weekly design blog takes a step back to look at the bigger picture:

Episode 19 - The Big Picture.

Silver Crusade

Issue 20!

This week we've got more flash fiction, and some ideas for running a courtroom encounter. Don't miss it!

Episode 20 - Running a Courtroom Drama

Silver Crusade

Lucus Palosaari talked about vs. Stranger Stuff Season 2 with Victory Condition Gaming. He briefly mentioned Steampunk Musha and what we've got in the works.

Episode 21 of the design blog is also up.

Episode 21 - Monsters for your Steampunk Musha game.

Silver Crusade

A Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year from Steampunk Musha and Fat Goblin Games.

Silver Crusade

The much-awaited Explorer's Guide to Rosuto-Shima is here, and it's free!

Steampunk Musha: The Explorer's Guide to Rosuto-Shima (Drive Thru RPG)

Where Industrialization and Tradition Collide in an Asian-Inspired Fantasy Setting

The Explorer’s Guide to Rosuto-Shima is a short guide to the lands and people of Rosuto-Shima, the fictional setting of Steampunk Musha. While not a complete setting, it offers a taste of the Steampunk Musha world and a few options for those interested in exploring “The Lost Island.”

Steampunk Musha is a campaign setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game of a land in conflict with itself, seeking balance. Ancient traditions developed in natural isolation from other cultures are put at odds with an industrial revolution imported by Outsiders from beyond the Sea. A war-torn land enjoys a cold-war’s peace as the rulers of a dozen city-states vie to reform a once golden empire to their liking; some choosing tradition and magic, while others choose science and technology, and others still stranger things. New lines are being drawn as the tense peace is tested time and again as even everyone becomes caught-up in the confluence of a land in the midsts of a revolution

Silver Crusade

The second Steampunk Musha book is here, introducing all the races of Rosuto Shima to your Pathfinder RPG campaign.

It's hard to choose a favorite, but the kijo have a special place in my heart and the illustration of them, by Rick Hershey, is spectacular.

The book also provides a fresh look at some regulars to East Asian inspired games, including the kappa, tanuki, and pandajin. And, since it's steampunk, we even have clockwork ronin and the master crafting keshou, which you can see on the cover.

You can find the book on Drive Thru RPG

Steampunk Musha includes uncommon races inspired by Japanese, Chinese, and Korean mythology, as well as all new ones.

  • The sentient clockwork ronin, with their spirit-infused Gear
  • The volatile jinteki-oni, with the ability to unbind the beast within
  • The turtle-like kappa
  • The kijo, contemplative giants related to yetis
  • The snake-like sarpa, who straddle the divide between the mortal and undead realms
  • And many more

Presented in Steampunk Musha: The Races of Rosuto-Shima is everything you need to start playing these races at your table.

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