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(Hopefully I'm posting this in the right place.)

I work at a comic store in the Bay Area where I run a Tabletop Game Night on Sunday evenings. I have everything required to run the Season of Shackles Adventures and Scenarios and plan on running them with friends.

I was curious if there were others on the forum who are in the area who would be interested in joining in if we made it a regular thing. Most likely I would run OP scenarios on the second Sunday of every month. Officially the time slot I run Tabletop Game Night (and by extension, if it were to be a regular thing, ACG Night) is from 4PM-7PM, but we can go longer if need be.

Feel free to ask questions.

Unfortunately -- as I might have mentioned once or twice before -- the hidden nature of the PACG Guild forum means that only people who really put an effort into seeing PACG Guild posts will see this.

What I mean is -- if someone in that area might consider playing PACG Guild, but isn't currently doing so, they probably won't click on this forum.

For that reason, I suggest considering cross-posting in the General PACG forum. On the one hand, it's not appropriate, but on the other hand, if the PACG Guild forum was more visible (like it used to be) you wouldn't have to.

Talk to JohnF (use "send private message"), he's the VC for the area. And he wants more PACG being played.

Sovereign Court Venture-Lieutenant, California—San Francisco Bay Area South & West aka Yasumoto

That's great! We have a Bay Area Pathfinder group that JohnF is one of the Venture-Captains of. Around the middle of our About page you'll also find our names linked to our email addresses if that's easier. Looking forward to some more ACG in the Bay!

Emailed JohnF last night. Thanks for the replies, guys.

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