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I haven't seen any mention of a player's guide for dead suns anywhere. Can we expect one, or do I need to put a quick gazetteer together for my players?

There is none so highly suggest start putting that Gazetteer together, that should be fun though and help you as the GM to learn every little thing about this AP



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There's no player's Guide for Dead Suns, mostly because it would be copy/paste straight from the Core Rulebook.

That does mean that putting together a gazetteer for your players is exceedingly simple. For setting information, just pull the general setting background and information on the Pact Worlds and the Drift from the CRB. For mechanical suggestions, there's just the CRB. There's not really a bad choice there for character creation, it's all very appropriate.

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Well ... I'm sure SOMEONE will put together a player's guide for Dead Suns? :) I remember someone put together a fantastic player's guide for The Emerald Spire, I'm sure someone out there will make one for Dead Suns in the near future.

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I can make one.. But most of the background material is Paizo copyright, right? Can someone explain the Community Use Policy to me for copying background material?

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You can reference a lot of Paizo's Intellectual Property, but it doesn't mean you can cut-and-paste sections of their books and distribute them (although you can use text from the blog, I believe).

In other words, you can write your own "This is the Pact Worlds" section, but you can't just cut and paste paragraphs from the SF Core Book verbatim.

Without the CUP, there's no way to publish anything which references Paizo's intellectual property unless you get a standalone license. (The OGL alone doesn't permit you to use anything they've identified as "Product Identity" which is all of the proper names in the setting, amongst other things).

Note that the CUP restricts what products you can reference and, as I understand it, Starfinder and the SF Adventure Path aren't yet usable. You need to wait until they appear in section 1 of this list

The CUP is here.

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