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Hi all,

Basic Hydrokinesis:
Element(s) water; Type utility (Sp); Level 1; Burn 0

You can create water as the cantrip create water, purify water as if using purify food and drink, and dry wet creatures and objects as if using prestidigitation. While you cannot lift water into the air using this ability, [b]you can create mild currents in a body of water by concentrating. These currents are strong enough to run a water mill as if the mill were being turned manually by a creature with a Strength score equal to your Constitution score.[b]

Is there a way to work out how many feet per round a current created this way moves? also how wide it is (i assume a normal 5-foot square in width, or larger if you are a large creature)? Also how long such a current would extend for?

My hydrokineticist is going to be going underwater soon and this seems like it would be useful for chivying along my land based compatriots.

A healthy well-fed laborer over the course of an 8-hour work shift can sustain an average output of about 75 watts. (From Wikipedia: Human Power)

1 watt ≈ 0.74 ft·lbf/s

Assuming 18 con for the kineticist and 10 STR for an average laborer, the hydrokinesis will have triple the output of an average labor.

3 x 75 watts * (0.74 ft-lbs/s)/watt * (1 cu ft / 62 lbs) water => 2.7 cubic feet of water move one foot every second.

A 5'x5' current of water would flow at about 1” per second.

Looking at it another way:

18 con hydrokinesis produces 0.3 horsepower.
23 con gets 0.6 horsepower.

well damn, that doesnt seem like it would be all that useful in the way i wanted to use it

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You could drain the water out of an iPhone no problem

I've made a thing over here to juice it up a bit.

There are still assumption even in the math above (mainly within the details of the mill) and it seems silly they even put that statement in the text .

I would just work out with the GM a table of squares per round based on blocks of Con scores. (E.g. Each +5 threshold on Con adds an extra x squares per round of current.

If I had been a designer here I would have done it squares per round based on level and/or burn, sort of where Ridiculon was headed with his linked port.

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