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Hi! I have a couple of questions about the occult skill unlock "Automatic Writing".

First! How many questions do you get? "you can spend 1 hour posing questions" is pretty vague, and as it is based on Augury my DM is leaning towards only one. I think it should be more especially as you don't know the results of the questions until after they have been asked so you can't just chase lines of questioning based on answers you have gotten, and they might be wrong, and you need to make a skill check.

Secondly, if you do get more than one question would you have roll for each question to see if the Augury answers it correctly "The GM rolls the check and d% roll secretly, so that you can’t tell whether the messages are accurate." seems to indicate that there is only one check (and that there could be multiple questions), but that would make it a bit easier to game the system by asking a control question or two (things you already know the answer to).

So if anyone has any clarity to this it would be greatly appreciated!


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Reading over Augury and Divination it appears that you just get one question.

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yeah, i just hate it when the description is clearly worded to indicate one thing but the mechanics say a whole different thing.

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