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Ahoy hoy!

How much extra would it cost to get the next quickest shipping on my August shipment.

Just curious, don't hold it up or anything if it's ready to head out the door.

Have a good night and keep everyone in the warehouse hydrated! :-)

Edit: For smurfiness. :-)

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Hello Captain,

The next fastest shipping method is priority mail, which has 2-5 business days in transit to you and would have to ship in 2 packages. That is about $7 more expensive. UPS Ground can get it to you in 4-5 business days, and is about $10 more. They go up pretty tremendously from there.

That's okay, it's probably better to leave as is, thanks for looking into it for me though!

Steady as she goes Mister Diego!

Edit: Oh, and don't you worry about me leaking walls o' text after it ships. We voted as a family and decided to wait to look at Starfinder until we open the box, to really capture that whiff of new rpg nostalgia. :-)

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