[PbP Gameday VI PFS] **Regular** Helikon´s Beyond Aztlant Ridge


Six years ago, the Pathfinder Society narrowly avoided disaster at an archaeological excavation in the Terwa Uplands. The expedition recovered and resumed its work, and at long last they have learned what the ancient culture had hoped to guard. That’s when all correspondence ended. Fearing the excavation may be besieged once more, the Society has sent the PCs to save who they can, salvage what they must, and uncover a secret that has laid buried outside Bloodcove for millennia.

I am looking for 6 brave Adventurer willing to brave this Adventure.
Starting on 26. August

Silver Crusade

What level is it for?

Levels 3-7 But I would aim for low tier.

Silver Crusade

I have him ready to go. He is 4th

Liberty's Edge

I've got a level 3 here.

Silver Crusade


This one is not core ;-)
There is also a core table!

Sovereign Court

Sign me up. I have plenty of options in those levels.

Grand Lodge

Count me in :)

Everyone is welcome. Please be adviced there is a core table and a non core table.
This recruitment is for the REGULAR Table.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'd like to sign up.

You are a welcome addition!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I have several characters within the appropriate level range. I suppose it'll depend on what everyone else brings.

Sovereign Court

One more to play, if there's still room.

I'll prefer to use this character a level 3 Ganzi mesmerist. But I can offer a level 4 investigator and a level 5 wizard.

I would prefer a low tier table.

Sovereign Court

On the low end, I have a 3rd level Investigator, a 3/1 Bloodrager/Brawler and a 4th level Hunter (Wayang with a roc companion). If you need a face character, I do have a one that is 5th level (between its 4 classes).

Grand Lodge

I have a level 3 Warpriest of Irori available.

Negi Othollo
Elvik Dimbelt
Paladin of Baha-who?
Guinfa Mlumbi
Dax Thura

Table is full.

Please dot in the discussion thread and dot and erase in the gameplay thread!

Grand Lodge

I don't see the discussion or gameplay threads.

Now done.

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