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Lord Mhoram wrote:

I thought a thread that had all the announced Starfinder compa5tible products, and the companies that are planning on / interested in doing such products would be a good resource to have - this is what I have noted so far:

Rogue Genius Games:
Starfarer's Companion
Blood Space and Moon Dust
Fat Goblin Games:
Cosmic Odyssey; Pirates of the starstream
Notsonoble games:
Unnamed Campaign setting (Dark Folk)
Legendary Games:
Legendary Planet modules and support
Frog God Games:
Tome of Aliens
Rusted Iron Games:
Starfarers (ship and crew) line.
Applied Vectors
Adventure chasing artifacts
LPJ Design:
Infinite Space
Announced intent to do product - notably races
TJ Lantz
Kickstarter (Redshirts)- Comedy adventure

I was making this list for my personal use, and though "why not post it"

Stroh Hammer will be releasing Gravity Age: Bioware Emporium in late Sept or early Oct and a Mutants book in November.

Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Kren Binary System is still in the works, expect more soon.

Gamer Printshop

I have 2 product released as Starfinder Compatible, both being sold in the Paizo Store, with another release on Monday (4.9.2018).

Rude Awakening
Author/cartographer/illustrator/publisher: Michael K. Tumey.
One-shot space horror module designed for 1st level.
Free product. (18 pages).

Dead in Space
Author: T. H. Gulliver; Cartographer/illustrator/publisher: Michael K. Tumey

A five one-shot space horror series in one product, designed for 3 levels of play (each one). New traps, 40+ NPCs with stats, new monsters, 4 deck plans.
Price: $14.99 PDF (180 pages) (will be getting POD print at DTRPG soon).

Coming Monday, April 9, 2018!

Starships, Stations and Salvage Guide
Author/Designer: Edward Moyer, Artist/Cartographer/Publisher: Michael K. Tumey

Optional rules for starships, space stations, and salvage rules. Includes 21 new ship frames, 47 new expansion bays, dozens of system upgrades - ai, armor, computer, defenses, shields, and weapons. Full space station rules and colossal bays. Salvage rules. 25 custom starship deck plans include and colossal space station deck plans, and a one-shot module.
Price: $14.99 (180 pages).

Coming in May and June

Vehicle Guide
Author/Designer: Edward Moyer; Artist/Publisher: Michael K. Tumey

100 new vehicles for Starfinder RPG.

Mecha Guide
Author/Designer: Edward Moyer; Artist: to be announced.

Mecha rules, and Mecha examples from power armor to colossal mecha.

Scheduled release for Halloween 2018

Kaidan Interstellar setting of Japanese Horror
Author/Cartographer/Illustrator/Publisher: Michael K. Tumey; Designers: Edward Moyer and Chris Van Deelen

Conversion of the Rite Publishing Kaidan setting of Japanese Horror (PFRPG) to Starfinder. Feudal Japan, Japanese horror, megacorporations and space opera. New races, 48 monster bestiary, setting guide, GM's guide, and player's guide in one comprehensive book. (Kaidan is Michael K. Tumey's intellectual property)

(360 pages)

Starships, Stations and Salvage Guide by Edward Moyer - now available at the Paizo Store.

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