GM Cwethan's The Commencement (SFS, Gameday VI)


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I'll run a lottery for recruitment late Wednesday night, so post here before then with the character you want to take their first steps into the Pact Worlds! Start Date will be 8-25

My expectations are in line with most of the games I've seen, but here they are:

I expect players who can typically post once per day.
I care a lot more about moving the game forward with those who are posting and interacting with the story and each other than waiting for everyone to have their say.
I will try to make at least one substantive post/day as well as reactive posts as appropriate.
If I cannot do this for some reason, I will post to let you know that if at all possible.
If you disappear during combat or other decision points and hold things up I will skip you (or bot you if sufficient botting instructions are in your profile) and move on. If you make a habit of this I may take further steps, and will certainly be less likely to pick you for future sessions.
Please no dice only posts. It sucks the fun out of this for me.

Have Fun & Roll 20s!

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This character is ready to go!

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I'd be interested in this please ^^

Here's a question, albeit perhaps a bit silly - would you mind terribly if I went ahead and submitted myself as a player and I'll work out a character after the book drops in August? o:

Nope, that's my expectation at this point - I don't think anyone has a character ready yet!

(Kwannon's a PFS character, but Jason has reached out to clarify that he doesn't actually intend to transport her across games :p)

Though rebuilding Psylocke to Sci-filocke as a Solarian or something could be interesting...

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I'd love to join and give Starfinder a try.

Since we're not exactly overflowing with starfinders at the moment, I'm gonna go ahead and switch this to first come first serve.

So Jason, Sethran, Hiyami, and Cellion are all in, as will be the next two people to chime in.

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In that case, count me and my buddy in; didn't want to enter a lottery in which we might not play together.

Oh, can I play? Might not have made the cut!

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Hello, well, as I am now the 8th it seems, and this is no longer the lottery you announced, I guess I am out of luck... if you do roll for a lottery, I'd be happy to try and get into an SFS game.

The character would be most probably be an Android, and leaning towards Mechanic.

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I found another table for me and my buddy so I'll let you two have this one.

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She can learn to use the focused totality of her psionic powers any where! Maybe like the war skrull :)

Do you know when characters will be able to be made for this or are they pregens?

Okay, we've got our six! (Thanks for your generosity caps and caps' buddy)

The Commencement isn't pregen only (though iconics should in theory be available by the time we start). Barring some special access to the rules, you should be able to start creating your characters about a week in advance once you pick up a copy of the rules.

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I will be playing Zso Sahaal - Solarion. Unsure on race for now of Course but from what i've seen of previews it is likely Kassatha or Shireen.

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Thanks a lot caps!

Very happy to be in this game )))

I will most probably be playing an Android (barring things I hate when the preview then CRB come out).
Ideas so far being Mechanic, Soldier...

See you soon in game

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I'd like to do the jedi thing too! :) or maybe a mystic.

I honestly have no idea what I'm going to play! Maybe I'll just see what you guys do and fill in a blank. It's pretty exciting actually. Prooobably won't be human. Thanks caps!

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From what I understand books and off should be shipping this week.

I had heard somewhere they were going to try to make GenCon the launch, so we wouldn't see anything 'til the 17th, but if it's earlier so much the better!

PDF is available on the 17th says the site. So that's when I'll start seriously thinking.

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Okay, been reading the CRB today (got the .pdf), really nice.

::Turns green with jealousy::

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It's worth the wait!

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I'm still waiting for my email...

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Still no email....

I don't think all the subscribers have had their copies shipped out yet, so I think you're still safely outside the "OH NO" zone. But if you're concerned, it might be worth reaching out to customer service to double check.

Regardless - I'm not getting the book before I pick it up from my FLGS in about a week - so you won't be behind me :p

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I didn't get mine until yesterday. It's based only on when your book ships; they probably just haven't gotten to yours yet.

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Yeah i'm getting it from my local store so will be waiting!

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I got the email on Wed but with school starting I havent had the chance to do much, even open the PDF. This weekend for sure.

I've got the gameplay thread open for dotting/ninja dotting, hopefully we'll all be able to create our SFS characters soon!

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Is the SStarfinder Society stuff available yet?

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I am thinking mystic not sure on the race probably the things with the things on their head or a human.


So: a Lashunta/Human Mystic,
a Kasatha/Shireen Solarion,
an Android Mechanic (also what I'll be building first lol)
and several people who don't have all their rules yet :p

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and a partridge in a pear tree....

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For now all I have are leaks from the CRB and scouring the Starfinder parts of the forums for nuggets of info. The hunger is real for getting my hands on the book or pdf... :>

Based on what I've seen so far, I'm probably making an Android Technomancer or Shirren Operative.

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Yeah, I haven;t got my rules either, the joys of supporting local gamestores... But From the spoilers I have set on that!

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The guide is up.

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Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild characters buy their ability
scores as detailed on page 18 of the Starfinder Core Rulebook.
Starfinder Roleplaying Guild characters must use the Buying
Ability Scores rules and should never use the optional methods of
Ability Quick Picks or Rolling Ability Scores.

Discussion tab is now open. So once you've got your finalized characters please check in there with the details.

What's everbody else thinking of doing? I'm thinking of a dour Second Seeker supporter who's really bummed/stressed about the Starfinder Society getting decimated.

Shooty human solider type maybe.

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Sethran here. I will be playing an Android instead. Likely an Operative or Mechanic but definately the 'Ace Pilot' theme ^^

Ok! Hope nobody minds if I go through the entire character creation process as described in the CRB here. Would be good if people can read over it and see if I've made any big mistakes! Also any alternate suggestions!

Step 1 create a character concept:

Rigid and Honour bound Katasha warrior who decided that the Starfinder Society was a honourable organization worth joining, which just happened to go to heck as soon as he did. He finds the First Seeker to be a worthy human trying to do a good thing in rebuilding the society. He will hold a longarm or heavy weapon in his two lower hands and a two handed melee weapon in his two higher ones! Let's see if I can do that!

Step 2

Chosen in concept. Katasha

So Katashas get:
+2 str
+2 wis
-2 int
4 hp
Medium size
Desert stride: desert, hill, and mountainous difficult terrain can be moved through at normal speed

Four-armed: Can hold four hands worth of weapons and equipment.

Historian: +2 racial bonus to Culture checks

Natural grace: +2 racial bonus to Acrobatics and Atheletics checks

Step 3: Choose a Theme.

Mercenary seems to suit this team player best.
1st level:

DC of Culture checks and Prof:Mercenary to recall knowledge about hierarchies, practices, personnel and so on in the military reduced by 5.

Athletics is a class skill. If already class skill from 1st level instead gain +1 bonus to athletics checks.

Step 4: Choose a Class

Looks like Solider it is! Most important ability score is STR in this case I think, not DEX.

Step 5:
Ability Scores!


Step 5-1:
Str 10
Dex 10
Con 10
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 10

Step 5-2: Race adjustment

Str 12
Dex 10
Con 10
Int 8
Wis 12
Cha 10

Step 5-3: Theme
Str 13
Dex 10
Con 10
Int 8
Wis 12
Cha 10

Step 5-4: Buy 10 points

Str 17 (+4 points) mod +3
Dex 14 (+4 points) mod +2
Con 12 (+2 points) mod +1
Int 8 mod -1
Wis 12 mod +1
Cha 10

NOTE: Was really considering putting 5 points in Str to get to 18 here.

Step 6. Apply Class

Stamina Points 7 + Con = 7+1=8
HP: 7 + race + Con = 7+4=11
Resolve: 1/2 Level + 3 (str) = 4

Skills 4 poins per level
Class Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Engineering, Intimidate, Medicine, Piloting, Prof, Survival

Weapon Proficiencies: Everything except special weapons I think.

1st Level solider gets
BAB +1
Fort +2
Ref +0
Will +2

A primary fighting style, primary style technique

Seems like Hit and Run will fit my guy best. The name that's coming to me for him is Makar.

So Primary Style Technique is: Gain Opening Volley as a Bonus Feat

Step 7: Assign Skill Ranks and Choose Feats
-1+4 = 3 skills :(

With entered Ranks:
Acrobatics +1+3+2+2=+8
Athletics +1+3+4+2=+10
Survival +1+3+1= +5

With no ranks:
Bluff 0
Diplomacy 0
Disguise 0
Intimidate 0
Perception +1
Piloting +2
Sense Motive +1
Stealth +2
Survival +1

Untrained so can't use:
Computers -1
Culture -1
Engineering -1
Life Science -1
Medicine -1
Mysticism 1
Physical Sciene -1
Profession +1
Sleight of Hand +2

Toughness (1st)

Stamina goes to 9,

+4 to con checks to run, avoid damage from forced march, hold breath, void damage from starvation or thirst
+4 bonus to fort saving throws to void damage from hot or cold environments, thick and thin atmospheres, to avoid choking when breathing heavy smoke, avoid fatigue from sleep deprivations

Opening Volley (Combat Style Bonus)

Whenever deal damage to opponent with a ranged attack on first turn in a combat, gain +2 circumstance bonus on next melee attack roll against that opponent. Melee attack must occur before the end of next turn.

Step 8 Gear:

Ceremonial Plate troop, +1 EAC, +3 KAC, +2 Max Dex bonus, -3 armor check penalty, -10 feet speed, 3 upgrade slots, 3 bulk, 110 credits

Ranged: Pulsecaster rifle, 1d6 E 50 feet range, 40 charges, usage 2, bulk 1, non lethal, 100 credits
Ranged: 1 x frag grenade, explode 1d6 P 15 feet, 20 feet range 35 credits
Melee: Pike, tactical, 1d8 P, bulk 2, analog, reach 475 credits

Other purchases
2 x batteries 120 credit
20 ft titanium cable line 10 credit
Personal comm 7 credit
1 flashlight 1 credit
Starstone compass 3 credit
Backpack, consumer 3 credit
clothing, professional 5 credit
field rations 4 credit
tent mass produced 2 credit
serum of healing mk 1 x 2 100 credit

25 credits left over.


Looks good! Nothing stands out as incorrect ^^.

One point though I noticed when reading through the character process, though it is of course up to you how you wish to build your character ^^.

It is on the Ability Score Upgrade at 5th level and above. When you gain the Upgrade you pick four Abilities to upgrade. If they are 16 or below, they go up by 2 and 17 or higher go up by 1. So it seems worth having a 16 rather than a 17.

Nice character though!

Looks good to me too! I did notice that when you described your calculations for hit points you mentioned Con, but since it didn't end up in the actual total you gave, I'm guessing that was just a typo.


Very nice idea to hold 2 x 2 Handed Weapons.

A little note: Kasatha not Katasha (at least unless you have an RP reason etc.).

The First Seeker is lucky to have your support!

The Exchange

I am going to be so happy when Herolab is ready for this.


HeroLab will be nice... but I've been happy going back to the good old character sheet!

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsbo)

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I did move STR back to 16 Cybel and changed the name of the race to be accurate Pangea :)

Don't see any reasonable avatars for Kasathas sadly.

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