Skulls & Shackles: Missing cards

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I sent in an e-mail about this a couple of days ago, but it appears that the forum is a more effective way to get a response.

I purchased the Skull & Shackles Character Add-on Deck, but oddly enough, I seem to have a couple of missing cards, since the deck only has 108 of 110 cards. Would it be possible to obtain replacements? The other 12 decks I recently bought and checked (S&S Adventure 1 + 11 class decks) all have 110 cards (including the "instructions" card for the class decks), so this looks like an outlier. Thanks!

* Feiya character card (it came with her token and role cards)
* Blessing of the Gods (it came with 4 of 5)

Just heard back from CS, they're taking care of me. Thanks!

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