Gameday VI Wounded Wisp


I will be running Wound Wisp for Gameday VI which will start Aug 25.

This is my first time running a game for pfs much less a gameday, though I have gm'd home games before.

On Aug 18 I will make final selection of players, not only so players and characters can get proper introductions prior to the actual start, but also so those who are not selected have time to search for another table (if any are looking for last minute fill-ins), drop out of the running if they get selected elsewhere, but also as a last opportunity for those unselected elsewhere.

I'll be selecting interesting characters, not interesting builds, just fyi. I know, it's a short time frame, and pfs is more mechanical in nature, but still, the characters are what make the story and keep the game fun.

The Exchange

She would be willing to go.

So, who is Kwannon?

Dark Archive

I would also like a chance to have a drink at the wounded wisp.
Sirius is the son of Aquilar Löwenhaupt of Löwenhaupt & Sons, an old shops of Magical Curiosities, quality components for spells mundane and exotic and oils and elexiers. A place where adventurers from near and far and many a fine pathfinder stop while in Absolom to find supplies and often identify their spoils of war.
For all his live he heard from adventurers many a story of great adventures in distant lands, of forgotten tombs and history unveiled.
Two weeks ago Paracountess Zarta Dralneen encouraged the young man to apply for membership.

The Exchange

Kwannon is a Tian woman who has completed her confirmation and is ready to continue adventuring and increasing her skills and pocket book. She us acrobatic and stealthy is able to manifest psychic spells and weapons and she is good in a fight

Welp, that was an underwhelming response (Edit: referring to number of responses). At least choosing players will be easy.

Hopefully we'll get more folks as the gameday gets closer.

Liberty's Edge

Taizen Raizak is a disciple Hei Fang originating from the nation of Kwanlai. The confined spaces of the slum like cities could not contain his spirit so he spent his time exploring the region of Tian Xia. Even his home country could not contain his wanderlust so he took to the seas. He was the favored navigator on the Squall's Purchase, a Varisian transport that was fearless to the whims of the sea.

When chartered by the Society for one of their missions he was recruited along with the rest of the crew to provide their services in a more permanent manner. While a lot of the crew took to the mission of the Exchange he sought to provide his services to the Liberty's Edge to make sure any person could seek the comfort of the wind.

Liberty's Edge

If I am chosen and you want a better balanced group there are also two more possible members of the Squalls's Purchase that could join the party in his place. Gunslinger (Pistolero) or Monk (Far Strike), whichever would make the group more balanced.

I am not overly concerned with party composition. Yea I'll keep it in mind while choosing, I just mean that it holds a very low priority. I haven't seen any reason to worry about it so far, so as long as the players can use their heads, I don't expect any issues.

The Exchange

As it stands now, what would the party make up be?

Only 3 have applied so far. I'm not sure why that is though. I expected plenty of interest. Perhaps some folks are waiting to see what will happen with other games since I'm waiting till closer to gameday to finalize the roster, or maybe waiting till then scares everyone away. [shrugs] We'll see how it works out. Things get hectic as deadlines loom, so there is still a good chance of getting more people.

Liberty's Edge

Greetings all!
I would be happy to join with/as:
P'aqha - Female Gnome - Shaman level 1 - Dark Archives
If okay description and all will follow...
She's a little thing, and in tune with her Fey nature and the First World, thus a shaman of Life, intent on healing and helping people... yet her curious nature has drawn her towards worshiping Nethys and the Dark Archives: her dream would be to become a Wizard, but such arcane power seems out of her grasp.

Silver Crusade

Londo is a haunted looking older half-orc from Mendev. In a previous career he was a Crusader who took part in the Third Crusade but he has since been haunted by the spirit of an innocent that he burned.

He spent time dealing with his new affliction before signing himself over to serve as a mercenary for the recent 5th Crusade. In that time, he signed on with the Pathfinder Society - a chance to delve into the dark secrets he is still learning to deal with.

(Spiritualist 1)

That is five folks for table. :)

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Liberty's Edge

Room for another? :)

Dark Archive

Gaylin a Slyth walks in and say "I heard you arw in need of help. I'm new to this adventuring thing but I'll do what i can if there's room for me.
First time playing a magic caster and newer to PFS but have played a few games before.

Player Name: Ben C.
Character Name: Gaylin Karth
PFS ID# 265445-2
Faction: Dark Archive
Race: Sylth/Class: Sorcerer/Level: 0

I'm waiting until a week before start to make final selections, so there is still a chance to make it in.

FYI, I admit my focus has been elsewhere and haven't posted much here yet, but there is still like two weeks to make selections and three till game start. I'll be checking here more often as the selection date gets closer.

Liberty's Edge

"He goes around, spreading laughter and good times for everyone, and he's loose with his coins... some take advantage of this, ye see lad, and they pretend to be his friends, but he doesn't seem to care one bit."
"Where does he come from? he's actin' like he's known everyone fer years!"
"That, lad, no one truly knows, but it's said he's been roamin' Avistan left an' right, down an' up fer as long as people remember... judgin' from his looks, I don't think he's been doin' this fer more than a decade methinks. People he's been helping gettin' back on their feet don't seem to care where he's from, anyhow. But he's got the look of a Taldan. Me guess, if I had to pick, is that his young beginnings where anywhere in Taldor, Andoran or Cheliax, maybe somewhere rural, and born as a commoner..."
"He's pretty funny da... some of his jokes I've never heard of... some don't seem to work... it's like they were first written in another language..."
"Well, keep that to yerself lad... don't be caught sayin' that to his face. Some of the old geezers around here have seen him mad once,
and they say that he can take down a man a few pegs from far away with this whip of his. He took on three flayleaf dealers by himself on the north edge of Cassomir last fall, and those that managed to close in on him discovered he's not bad with that rapier of his either. Some think these two weapons were glowin' with some strange magicks after the fight started... better you accept any ale he buys fer ye, and smile at any joke he says... that wee courtesy is small price to pay if ye ask yer old da."
"Ok da, fair enough. Oh, and why do they call him the Son of Cay.."
"Quiet boy! don't ask, just don't ask. Not me business, and ye don't want to make it yers unless you're lookin' fer trouble! Now drink that free ale he just bought for all of us..."

Thank you applicants!

It was a tough choice, but the 6 chosen players are,
Sirius Löwenhaupt
Taizen Raizak
Son of Cayden

I will set up game thread ect tomorrow.

Kwannon, you are on the waitlist, so if someone vanishes...

Liberty's Edge

Well, thank you AlicornSage!
And hello to my fellow adventurers to be!
(playing P'aqha)

The Exchange

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I look forward to playing with you all and I am sure Taizen is ready for his adventure as well.

Wow, sometimes I'm an idiot. I asked for all players to check in. Stupidly, I asked in the discussion thread. :)

In any case, if players can please check in on the discussion thread.

Liberty's Edge

I believe I signed up Son of Cayden somewhere else today... oops... do you mind if I switch for a level 1 druid?

I don't know, who is the druid?

Grand Lodge

This one.

Interesting, so how exactly did she grow up as so very isolated when her parents surrounded her with so many other folks?

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