Doctor Who Companion Deborah Watling Passes


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Former Doctor Who Companion Deborah Watling has died

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I met Ms. Watling in March 2016 at a Doctor Who convention. This was a very small convention, and they had the autograph tables in the center of the dealer's room, so you would pass the tables as you went to look at the dealer goods. It was early in the day, and no one had yet lined up for her yet.

I hadn't been planning to get an autograph from her--while I know it helps cover guest expenses, I usually don't have the budget for autographs and I'm not a big collector. But seeing her there just a few feet away from me, I felt an urge to speak with her, that this was an opportunity I should not miss. I said, "Hello, welcome to [town]!"

I was so nervous about not gushing into geeky nonsense that I mostly made superficial small talk with her instead, and I didn't really say that I enjoyed her work really--though I did note a favorite scene of hers that she had a screen cap printed of, and said how lovely I thought it had been. She mentioned how lovely it had been to work with Patrick Troughton. While I worry I still probably rambled foolishly at her, I hope that saying hello, please, and thank you, and having showered that morning, I was on the upper tier of nerds she would speak to that day. ;) She was at least very gracious and sweet to me (and I'm sure to all who stopped to see her).

I bought her photo from that scene from "Tomb of the Cybermen" and had her sign it. I was just looking at it yesterday and thinking about meeting her. Strange. I remember mentioning to someone, "Probably best to get a chance to meet a companion from the 60s sooner rather than later." Still I didn't think she would depart from this world so soon, and it is very sad to learn of her death. May she rest in peace.


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