lvl 1 witch spells


Silver Crusade

in my rougue build I'm about to dip into witch and I don't plan on taking any other levels in witch. I find my self with two permenatly lvl1 spells. witch would be the best which spells to get if they are always going to be at caster lvl 1?

Scarab Sages

Longarm, Enlarge Person, Cheetahs Sprint, and obscuring mist seem like they would have the most use.

I'd go for utility spells that have at least a 10 min/level. There's plenty of spells that could be useful for a rogue but ultimately the usefulness of any spell will be dependent on how you play and what campaign you are playing. It is also worth considering any other spell casters in the group and how you might be able to fill in a small gap. It might be worth checking out alchemical reagents and addition spell components as you can use these to increase the effectiveness of a spell e.g. magnesium grants +1 caster level to transmutation spells for the purpose of duration.

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