PFS Gameday 6: Redelia's Crypt of the Everflame


I'm recruiting for a PFS run through Crypt of the Everflame as part of Gameday 6. This is a PFS game, so characters need to be PFS characters, level 1 or 2. The module should take the entire gameday time period, with an expectation of posting at least once a day. Please do not apply if you can't keep up with this posting rate. Applicants will be accepted first come, first serve. If we get a good group together who seem to be enjoying the modules, we may continue together to the other two modules that continue the story.

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Count me in...thinking on doing up a new character for this. Posting once a day, or multiple if needed, won't be a problem...

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I usually check several times a day and post at least once. It should not be a problem. I have always wanted to play Crypt of the Everflame but never had a chance. This will be fantastic.

Purnel the halfling monk level 1 is the character I will use. He is my last 1st level character I am currently using. I have 2 second level folks if Purnel is like the third monk in a party of monks and fighters. One is an alchemist and the other is a rogue.

I have a few characters that I could send to this. It would be fun to do the trilogy and I do post several times a day. I am thinking of creating a new character,perhaps a water bender or using a new druid I have made.

Glad to have several of you almost on board.

I do want to note that this module was not originally written for PFS. The module assumes that you level up in the middle, so it gets more difficult. A party of entirely level 1 characters might have too tough a time.

If some of you have flexibility as to what character to play, please let me know so that we can work together to balance the party and make sure that a few rather critical skills are present.

I might have a 2nd level character that i could also bring, I would have to look at my available characters.

I would like to try the bender type class (Don't remember the name right now)

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You can all dot and delete in the gameplay thread so you get notifications of new posts. I'll clean up the player list when we start.

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I'm putting Syllyn in for consideration. How many chars are you looking for?

is the game full? if not, I'd like to apply. ... not sure which character tho.

I'm going to take the expected 6. That should help a bit with the power level problem in the second half.

I now have 5 people, room for 1 more.

What will people be playing?

Hey guys, I made our discussion thread, so you guys can hop over there to discuss your characters, if you want to. That will leave recruitment open for finding one more player.

Just to be clear,


you're all in.

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Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:

What will people be playing?

I'm thinking a dexterous half-Orc Sniper (Rogue) for ranged support/scouting/disabling devices as no one's mentioned a rogue and think one would be handy in a dungeon crawl...

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Gots room for one more?

Yep. GGG, you're it.

Recruitment is now closed.

Please move over to discussion to talk about what characters you'll use.

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