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My VC submitted an application for me in March, 4 months ago. I still haven't gotten the tag on my account or the scenarios in my downloads, and I need them so I can run more games. Is there a usual amount of time the app takes to get processed? If this is normal, I don't want to be a nuisance, but at the same time, I'm really frustrated.

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Hey Brendan, all apps have to go through Tonya who's been slammed during convention season. The stars aligned a bit against you here as you submitted right before the busiest time of the year for Paizo employees! Good news is that until you get that VA tag, your VC can ship you copies of whatever scenarios you need, so you can keep running those games.

In the mean time, I'd advise poking your VC who can in turn poke someone else up the ladder and give you a more accurate timeline.

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Yeah, what Walter said. You're kinda hosed because only one person (Tonya) can do it, and shes also the only person who can do piles of other things, plus shes got a bunch of Cons, including GenCon, Starfinder release, and a new Pathfinder season. I got nominated in August, and didn't get "approved" until March. So based on that timeline your half way there!

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Same story.

Been waiting since April.

Pokes keep going but to no avail.

Patience is your best friend here, unfortunately.

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Been having somewhat of the same issue. Except mine is with the RSP, I just imagine the Regional coordinator has been slammed with all the summer cons. Just have to wait and be patient.

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Yeah, the poking really could help. Or maybe ask if your VC has modules for you to run, I have quite a number of paperback modules and don't mind giving them to my GMs.

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