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So from Heroes of the Streets, the Fashionable Accessories clothing item:
These accessories allow a courtier’s, entertainer’s, or noble’s outfit to match the height of style in a particular city for 2d4 months. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy checks to make requests of denizens of that city while wearing the accessories and an appropriate outfit. The bonus also applies on Bluff and Disguise checks to convince others that you hail from that city.

How are these supposed to work in PFS play? Obviously you'd pick a city when you bought them, but how would the time limit work? Would I just need to buy another set every scenario?

I checked additional resources and campaign clarifications, but there wasn't anything there except stating that they are legal for use.

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Probably need to buy it for that scenario.

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Sounds similar to a healing kit that has a set number of uses.

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what's the price? (I don't have access to my copy here).

If I was the table judge and you said you had this item for city XXX and you had bought it in season 6, and the scenario was set in city xxx and it was a 6-XX scenario, heck yeah! I might even give it to you for a season 5 or 7 scenario.

And after all - all circumstance bonuses are under the control of the judge and should be cleared thru them. The person running the table get's to decide if a circumstance bonus applies, so whenever you use something that gives a circumstance bonus you need to mention it them. That's one reason that circumstance bonuses are almost the only kind of bonus that stacks with itself. two different circumstance bonuses stack - as long as the judge says it does. SO even if you were to buy it at the start of the scenario you are in, in the correct city, the judge would STILL have to say it applies ... or not.

anyway - mention it to the judge -

"Hay, I got Fashionable Accessories clothing from Geb when I was here two games back! So, would that still give me a +2 on Diplomacy with the Count here? It's a total Bling necklace of ghouls teeth..."

It's 20 gp, so not a horrible price after your first mission. Buying them per scenario seems like the best method.

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d'Eon wrote:
It's 20 gp, so not a horrible price after your first mission. Buying them per scenario seems like the best method.

Well, easily going to be on my list of "things one must buy for each game".



Heck, even without the bonus - just the RP possibilities of pointing out my Cool Fashion Accessories!

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Yeah, I definitely have some PCs who would do this. Now I have to go look at that book to see if it's worth buying, since I don't have it, and this is the only thing I want from it so far.

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I have started buying these as part of the "Information Gathering" section of Scenarios. So when the party is wandering around town, talking to all the merchants we need to find things out from - I'm picking up some "Fashionable Accessories"...

It seems to be a great way to add to the RP of the early game.

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