Bloodrager + Dragon Disciple - Did this ever get resolved?

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I've read through many of the old threads on this topic and saw no conclusion. Those are from back in 2014, and I may have missed an answer between now and then.

A few questions:

1. Must the bloodrager have the draconic bloodline to become DD?

2. Does DD advance a bloodrager's draconic bloodline?

3. If yes to number two, does having level(s) of scorcerer change that?

4. Do we all agree that a (non-bloodline class) 5/DD X does not have the draconic bloodline?


1 yes, at least I believe so due to answer 2
2 yes
3 maybe, it's not clear in the FAQ, some say you pick one bloodline each level you progress, others advocate that it advances both at the same time.
4 yes, just the powers of it.

1. I don't think so the faq says it will advance your bloodrager draconic bloodline as if it were the sorcerer, they did not say you replace all instances of sorcerer in DD with bloodrager. it just levels the bloodline but doesn't req it.
2. yes
3. no, they will both level up. another thing to note is your bloodrager and sorcerer must have the same bloodline. I believe there is a note about this somewhere in the bloodline description?
4. yes

1. FAQ doesn't say it outright, but it certainly implies it. Because if it didn't imply it, than the answer that Dragon Disciple levels improve Bloodrager Bloodlines (even though the RAW specifically states Sorcerer Bloodlines) would fall under the reason why you can't TWF with two handed weapons. AKA an unwritten rule.

2. FAQ says it does, so it does. Arguing otherwise is houseruling at this point.

3. This is unclear, even with the FAQ. Personally, due to potential abuse and lack of specific exclusionary text, I doubt it was intended for that class feature to improve all bloodlines you possess, whether they're the same or different. YMMV.

4. Correct. They'd only gain powers based off of their Dragon Disciple levels, and use their Dragon Disciple levels to determine their powers and effectiveness.

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