Armada for Hire. Where to Inquire?

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I have a decade's worth of starships that I've designed, modeled, and mapped out (complete with built in 1 inch=5 ft grids) for no particular sci-fi RPG. My dream is to have the fleet become a part of the Starfinder universe.

I have developed a line of posters, miniatures, and digital documents around this growing armada and would like to see if anyone at Paizo would be interested in using these designs, or my services, in Starfinder products.

Is the proper place to make such inquiries? If not, where or to whom should I send my questions? I've been waiting for Paizo to go sci-fi for a long time and I want to help out in any way I can. A couple of my ships were put to good use at ORIGINS for the Starfinder Society demos. I'd love to refit my fleet or create new designs for organized play, adventure paths, or anything else Starfinder related.

Thank you,
~Ryan Wolfe (

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Very Cool Ryan! Great job! Best of luck!!

That is an incredibly cool website.

Thank you for the kind words. Now if I can just convince someone at Paizo.... :)

As far as we're concerned, your ships are canon in our in-house Crossing The Black universe...

0-hr, I don't know anything about any of this stuff but you might have better luck if you go to Paizocon and press some flesh :). Either that or become a premier third party supplier of Starfinder ships.

Agreed. You need to be a 3rd party platform. Your work is incredible!

Two claws up!

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