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ok so the spell study seems to contradict itself a bit and I need some clarification.

Spell Study (Su): At 2nd level, the sage’s understanding of the spells of bards, clerics, and druids is so great that he can use his own magic in an inefficient, roundabout way to duplicate those classes’ spells. Once per day, a spell sage can spontaneously cast any spell on the bard, cleric, or druid spell list as if it were a wizard spell he knew and had prepared. Casting the spell requires the spell sage to spend 1 full round per spell level of the desired spell (if the spell is on multiple spell lists indicated above, using the lowest level from among those lists) and requires expending two prepared spells of that spell level or higher; if the spell’s casting time is normally 1 full round or longer, this is added to the spell sage’s casting time. For example, if a spell sage wants to use spell study to cast cure light wounds (cleric spell level 1st), he must spend 2 full rounds casting and expend two prepared wizard spells of 1st level or higher

according to the formula it lists casting cure light wounds would be 1 full round because its NOT 1 full round or longer cast time so it is not added to the 1full round per spell level. however the ability says it will take 2 full rounds?? is this a typo or am I missing part of the ability that adds more time?


You are correct that it contradicts itself.

I don't think there is anything other than that to say about the rules here.

Personally, I would consider the example to be a mistake, and use the formula as described.

one of the few abilities that actually gives an example of how it works and they did 1+0=2 for it. >_>

Agreed, and I couldn't find any clarification.

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