Calistiral - Deific Obedience (Sentinel) clarification

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Calistria's Deific Obedience for Sentinels reads

1: Lucky Strike (Sp) divine favor 1/day, align weapon (chaotic only) 2/day, or keen edge 1/day

I believe the Divine Favor 1/day is an error and that it should be 3/day. Every single other deity (to my knowledge) has its 12 HD benefits as a choice between: 1st level spell 3/day, 2nd level spell 2/day, 3rd level spell 1/day.

Furthermore, Milani offers Divine Favor 3/day as part of her Exalted 12 HD boon, as do Falayna and Irez for Celestial Obedience.

If this indeed a typo, I was hoping that a Campaign Clarification would be issued.

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There is a sticky thread specifically for requesting such clarifications.

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