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So I haven't played a character for a while, was Lantern Lodge which became Qadira and now apparently is The Exchange? So not overly thrilled with this on her and a Dark Archive player has a boon that lets me switch to DA for 1 Prestige per Character Level. My question is if I do this do I lose all my Lantern Lodge and Qadira Prestige granted boons (ones I spent Prestige on), or just any Exchange Prestige granted awards?

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Okay, good news

since you are wiping off that much dust, you didn't play during season 6

During season 6, there was a free character change option to anyone that wanted it. The offer is still good until the character is played. If the player however needs the tick mark on their faction card you might be nice and convert with their help anyway. (as that is a very hard box to tick, but almost a neccesary one if they don't dm)

The keep the things you spent PP on, but can't spend PP on anything new. IIRC you can't use chronicle boons.

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season 6 guide:

Faction Retirement
From time to time, over the course of the campaign,
one or more factions may be retired from active play.
Should a faction be retired, it will feature in a special
scenario designed to wrap up its story. Any character who
belongs to a faction that’s retiring and receives credit for
participating in one of these faction scenarios will be able
to receive a special reward on the scenario’s Chronicle
sheet. At anytime thereafer, before the faction is removed
as a legal choice from the campaign, that character may
change to a different faction one time at no cost. Any
faction-specifc vanities, titles, traits, prestige items, or
other purchases made while the character was a member
of the retired faction are retained by that character with
no changes. Afer the faction is retired, none of these
faction-specifc items are available for future purchase.
Characters who belong to a faction that’s being retired
but who do not receive credit for the associated retirement
scenario prior to the faction being eliminated must
change factions (again at no cost) prior to receiving credit
for any further scenarios. No character may belong to a
retired faction afer the faction’s elimination under any
circumstances. Finally, a GM who has a character in
one of the factions that’s being retired may assign
the Chronicle sheet from the special scenario
to one of his characters that is higher-level
than the scenario in this instance only.
Liberty’s Edge faction PCs qualify for Andoran faction
vanities and mission boons available in past seasons.
Likewise, Dark Archive faction PCs qualify for Cheliax
rewards, Scarab Sages as Osirion, The Exchange as
Qadira, and Sovereign Court as Taldor. Without a boon
that states otherwise, a PC cannot earn Sczarni vanities
or boons.

So it looks like you keep everything.

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When the Lantern Lodge retired as a faction, the character would have had to change to another faction for free, retaining her Lantern Lodge faction awards. It seems you picked Qadira.

If you change factions by paying Prestige, including being recruited by another PC as you mention, you follow the rules on page 27 of the current RPG Guild Guide, giving up faction-specific Prestige Awards but keeping your Prestige (apart from what you spent for the change) and Fame. edit: As BNW mentions, for the other player to get credit on his faction card, most likely you'd have to pay the reduced cost in Prestige, not use a free faction change.

I believe the change from Qadira to The Exchange also counted as a faction retirement, so as you say, you'd lose any Exchange Prestige Awards but keep those from Qadira and the Lantern Lodge.

If you have a faction trait, you keep it, regardless.

Shadow Lodge 3/5

Hmmm, that's too bad. I'd take the Prestige hit to give them the check but I don't want to lose my Prestige Boon/Awards from my previous Factions. :-/ Thanks for the info.

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Maybe they'll bring them back this year?

There is something about this season's theme making factions 'relevant' again, if memory serves?

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