Polymorph and holding the charge

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Suppose I cast a touch spell and then use a spell-like or supernatural polymorph ability to change shape. Am I still holding the charge?


Round 1: Druid casts cure moderate wounds, but doesn't touch anyone.
Round 2: Druid wildshapes into a bat.
Round 3: Druid flies up to ally and touches them to discharge the spell.

Using supernatural abilities doesn't discharge a touch spell by the rules (although a GM wouldn't be totally crazy to rule that this is similar enough to casting a spell that it should apply.)

It seems unlikely though that your friend who needs cure moderate wounds now, will appreciate it getting to him in three rounds.

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A spell-like ability would likely discharge the held spell since it is in many ways like casting a spell, but a supernatural ability would not.


Agreed, by the rules using a supernatural ability wont discharge the spell. However, a GM would be well within their right to say it's similar enough that you can't hold a charge while doing so.

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