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So I was making a Chosen One Paladin, and wanted to see what all I could do to make Alex Noa from Lunar when I came across the Envoy of Healing trait.

Trait Here:

Whenever you use channel energy, fervor, or lay on hands to heal a living creature, you can reroll any healing die roll that results in a natural 1 (you must use the new result).

Two questions with that.

1) Can I use this trait with my Lay on Paws ability, as it's my ability, not the familiar's?

2) If when rerolling, I roll another 1, do I reroll that?

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1) GM interpretation. If I was your GM, I might be inclined to let it work, but as always your GM is the arbiter.

2) It says "you must use the new result", so if you rolled another 1 you must use it and thus wouldn't get to reroll it.

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